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Kind of slaaf – Past Riaan Janse van Vuuren

Slawe vrees die toekoms, want hulle het geen identiteit nie. Kinders hoef nie die toekoms te vrees nie want hy het ‘n identiteit; hy is deel van die Vader se huis.
Slawe is deel van die besittings. Kinders het volle reg op die besittings (eiendom) van die vader-huis.
Slawe het geen toegang tot reg en geregtigheid nie. Kinders het toegang tot die beste reg en geregtigheid
Slawe kan nie besluit watter werk hulle wil doen nie; doen baie keer dinge teen hul beginsels. Kinders doen die Vader se werk in lyn met sy waardes en kultuur.
Slawe is tydelik deel van die familie; nie ‘n kind of erfgenaam nie. Kinders is deel van die familie stamboom van die Vader.
Slawe se name word nie opgeteken nie. Kinders het ‘n inskrywing in die boek in die Vader-huis.

Beyond Midnight – Past David Scrooby

We must not question how or when God wants to use us. He has a purpose for every situation and circumstance.
Gods purpose for your life is different from yours.
However dark it may seem to you now, God can redeem you and lift you out of the darkness.
We must speak well of what God is doing and keep worshiping Him, then He will draw near to you.
God wants to remove the chains holding us down.
We can set the platform, but only God can bring revival.
Change in our lives do not come from the outside, but from the inside when we are touched by God.
God has a calling on our lives and wants us to bring change, but we must have a desire for change
If God has called you he will begin the process through the Holy Spirit.

It is open – Past David Scrooby

Sometimes we want to push a door open, but God says He has placed an open door in front of us.
God wants us to understand the spiritual, so that we know which spiritual door we need to use.
What we believe needs to be put into action.
God can show you a door of hope in a valley of trouble.
God loves us even when we are unfaithful.
Hope becomes your shield against negative thoughts.
Faith is the confidence in something or someone not based on proof or evidence.

Het jy ‘n memory opgebou – Past Riaan J V Vuuren

As God die see oopgemaak het vir die Israeliete om deur te loop, wat kan Hy vir jou doen?
Niks in die skepping kan ons van die liefde van God skei nie.
Jou herinneringe van wat God vir jou gedoen het moet kom uit die middel van die swaar tye.
Die antwoorde kom wanneer jy jou voet in die rivier sit – vertrou die Here en gee die eerste tree.

He knows – Past David Scrooby

Look into your heart before you come before God.
Does your heart long for God?
We have to talk about sin, because that is the very thing that keeps me out of His presence
Sin is crouching at the entrance to your heart and mind.
It is your free will to who you open the door to your mind and heart.

Just one bite – Past Harry Hurndall

Temptation is not just an issue of your self control; it is an issue of you confidence in God.
Three things at stake when we face temptation:
Your future
Your family
Your faith
True test of our confidence in God lies in these questions:
Can God be trusted to take care of my needs?
Can God be trusted to take care of me?
Can God be trusted if I forsake all else and put His kingdom first?


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